Sunday, November 6, 2016

Setup and Activate McAfee Antivirus

Once you’re in the file location, open the setup.exe file and get on with the installation process. When prompted, click the ‘Next’ button. Instead of seeing this screen, if you’re asked to activate your McAfee account then fill in the necessary fields and follow the instructions that follow next. You’ll then be presented with a list if license terms and agreements that you need to accept. Thereafter, you can customize your applications and complete the installation procedure.
During McAfee Antivirus software installation go to activate process on your PC, it may check for the latest updates and may even run a virus scan and thereby taking more time than usual to complete the process. If you want to skip these steps, then you may do so. Once installation is done, you’ll be required to reboot your computer.

In all probability, you should be able to see McAfee Security Center shortcut in your system tray or on your desktop. In case you can’t see one and want one to make it easier for you to access it later, go to ‘All Programs’ under ‘Start’ menu. Identify your McAfee program and right click on it to create the shortcut. Once you’re through this step, open the program, run it for latest updates and then a virus scan. Allow the scan to complete. If there are infected files on your PC then you’ll be prompted to clean it up using certain tools. Make sure you have set your McAfee Antivirus is set to update automatically at regular intervals. By now, activate your McAfee Antivirus would have been successfully downloaded and activated for your future use.

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